What is in the Fat Cat Toolkit?

In this video I'll introducing the toolkit that came with our deluxe package, and I'll talk about alum - the secret weapon behind happy hydrangea.

Here is what I use - and an amazon link - although some or most of it can be purchased locally at your hobby shop.

Clippers- I use these 7 inch Clauss bunch cutters. They stay sharp for a long time, and they fit well in my hand. The red handle is surprisingly helpful - they are easy to find on our worktables amidst the debris.

Rose Strippers - from a garden party - I love these strippers and you will too! Be sure to hold your rose firmly at that first node on the stem under the head of the flowers - sometimes we snap the heads right off!

Oasis Floral Adhesive - this stuff is amazing. Sometimes I just glue stuff together to see if it will work - and it does!

Alum - this you can actually buy at the grocery, but it is great for treating your hydrangea - especially if it comes from your own garden. Also used for pickles!

Floral Guppy - there are lots of flower frogs out there, this is just one version of it. This guppy can be used over and over, I run it thru my dishwasher in between. Bacteria is the enemy to long vase life - so cleaning the guppy is important. Here is another frog I really like.

Fat Cat Flowers Apron - We want you to look good! and working with flowers is messy work. The Fat Cat Apron is only available in our toolbox, but here is a link to my favorite not branded apron, in case you just need a chic new apron.